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Fast growing traders use TradingWolf for their trading.

Know what is happening on each candle of your trading journey. No guesswork is needed.

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VIP Community Access

Get instant access to our VIP Discord, a community to talk to other Stock, Forex or Crypto traders.


Cross platform indicators available on your mobile, desktop or tablet. Just seconds away.

Easy Integration

Easy access to our entire trading kit, with which you can trade understandably.

Take advantage of our toolkit to trade.

With our trading software, you can easily spot patterns, use Oscillators, and take advantage of an overlay to start trading with knowledge about the charts. Learn to understand the charts.

Check breakout zones using support and resistance, predictable ranges, channels and much more. Take a quick look with our free 10-day trial

Overlay Indicator

With the overlay indicator, you can set up a take profit and stop loss with points. Dashboard with trading sessions worldwide. Possible reversal zones and Bollinger bands. Hidden bullish and bearish patterns. Trends with predictions.

Pattern Recognition

Recognize breakout zones, ranges, and patterns with breakouts or channels with trendlines. Automatic patterns that provide more insight.

Technical Oscillator

The technical analysis tool oscillator has modes with stochastic, MACD, RSI, Pivot, and a combination of the best analysis.

Trading Simplicity Easiness

World's highly-rated indicators available with a large community that will help you how to make profitable trades.

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Chat with traders easily

Get started quickly with our toolkit to find the right trades and discuss within our community on Discord. Within this VIP section, you can chat with fellow traders on various areas in Stocks, Forex and Crypto.

Also take advantage of unique promotions

  • Benefits on Exchanges, private groups, and exclusive traders that are only available with us.

  • Take advantage of even more exclusive tools to use with annual payments.

Work smarter with powerful patterns

The chart patterns are a unique feature of our system. We give you insight into the ways as they develop so that you can react in time to rapid changes in the market.

Automatic alerts adjustable

To your wanted device.

Informed in time

Don't miss an important event.

Trading Charts

See everything easier with our indication suite

  • We only display patterns, overlays, and technical tools when they matter. 

  • With our tool, you can try to look at the market objectively. It is not for nothing that it is a mind game with the big players.

  • Are you not satisfied? Then you can, of course, get your money back within ten days. No problem. We are convinced of our tool and will prove it to you with our free trial!

We are Better Here is Why…

Many tools say they are reasonable; this is why we are good to feel free to try it yourself for free.

Friendly Interface
Friendly Interface

Our interface is user-friendly, and you have an excellent overview everywhere on every device. Moreover, we do not show mass but quality. Tooling is essential, but only if you get the correct patterns.

Extremely Flexible
Extremely Flexible

With us, you can be flexible with your contract. This can be per month, quarter, or even per year. Are you not satisfied with your free trial period? Then stop. We offer a 10-day satisfaction guarantee.

Strong Encryption
Strong Encryption

With us you are safe with your data. We have secure connections and apply extra security for our systems. Safety is important for your actions. Payments are also made with a reliable party.